First Blog

I’m gonna get my first blog overwith like it doesn’t matter that this is something I never do. I’m not gonna say “fuck the world” and “fuck you too,” because really I don’t care enough to say those things to anyone right now and “fuck” is too blanket of a statement to often be a logical one. “Get off your ass and open your eyes!!!” is one I might want to shout, but… this is Seattle. This is me writing my first blog on a predictably cold and rainy autumn day. The only thing missing is my decaf [insert warm fuzzy beverage here]- yes I fucking drink decaf or I’d be buzzed all day everyday- and a good book [insert something that has a nice cover, because yes I do choose books by their covers]. This is me asserting my passive aggressive will in a typically Seattlite way, though I’m not from Seattle. No, I’m from San Jose, CA fairly close to the home of Mac and I use a PC. So later when you call me an elitist, priviledged, interracial feminist that doesn’t understand what it’s really like to [insert whatever you feel repressed by] please refer to the fact that I am in fact still susceptible to viruses and most likely will or have had your cold.


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