A phone without a face – Contact Info

I haven’t had a phone cord to wrap around my wrist while laughing at someone on the other end for ten years now. I haven’t had to memorize phone numbers or remember last names since then either.
Often I miss the feeling of tangling in the cord and laying down with the large receiver covering one ear while my pillow the other. But I think the past is meant to be missed, like the nostalgic way in which I think about recording my favorite songs on the radio on tape after calling the radio station and requesting them. Tapes of Green Day and Envogue with radio wave fuzz from the early 90’s are still collecting dust in my drawers because they mean more than the easy grab and go mp3 selection we have now. I would sometimes sit for hours by the radio waiting for the song to complete my mixed tape that I was going to give to some boy, but never did.
I’ve given up all that for a phone free of cords and possibly the ability to memorize numbers because that’s what my generation has done. I don’t particularly like phones. I don’t like to make calls, I don’t like to text and I hate that people feel compelled to get your number and call right away to make sure you haven’t made something up (thank you fumbers for making a bad situation a little bit better). The only thing I seem to do on my phone is check my facebook. As of next Tuesday I will be unable to phone face for a while. Instead I have opted out of having my phone with unreasonable roaming charges roam with me and figured it might need some well deserved rest anyhow.
Instead, I have opted for an international prepaid phone of which the number and all contact info will be listed at the bottom of this post. The phone will be my little outlet, though I will be primarily reachable by internet: Facebook, e-mail, skype. I am not worried that I will need people, but what if I do? I’m fairly independent and make friends quickly, but I will miss everyone from here too. So what I request is that you out there leave me a voicemail just so I can hear the sound of your voice. Please say something damn funny. Okay, it doesn’t have to be funny, it could be a song, or something else and I will smile when I hear it. I will light up and feel lucky like I always do to have wonderful friends and know that they are going to be there when I come back.
I am grateful for this trip and able to do it because of my mom. I am bringing her with me in my heart because I know she wanted to do this with me but is unable to now. Everyday I live life like I mean it, is for her. I try to do this everyday because she deserves it and I am going to live in Europe like I mean it! (well… that’s if I get there. crossing fingers icelandic volcano stops erupting soon).

To call me toll free call 1-866-305-6462 then enter either of the numbers below. I likely won’t be picking up many calls, but if it’s urgent text me. (texts are free for me to receive!)
Int. +447924449893
US. +19787679852

Skype: siddhananais
e-mail: siddhananais@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “A phone without a face – Contact Info

  1. 1-866-305-6462 then enter either of the numbers below. I likely won't be picking up many calls, but if it's urgent text me. (texts are free for me to receive!)Int. +447924449893US. +19787679852Nicole, which number? if I'm calling you, is that intl?or is it I'm calling from the US and need that one entered, confusing an old girl now, major love for our traveler!

  2. Raleigh, sorry about that. The top number is for people that don't have long distance they can just enter the 866 number and then enter either the International or US # and get ahold of me. My cell has two numbers assigned to it.

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