Day #1: Will I get there? Nicole vs. The Ash Cloud

I probably should have been slightly more concerned about the gathering of belongings while preparing for this flight. I was convinced yesterday that there was no way in hell that my flight wouldn’t be cancelled today, but to my surprise Delta has decided to fly my ass through an ash cloud with no concern that I am severely allergic to smoke. In preparation for this ashy cloud I brought an extra strength inhaler and also an air purifier. I figure that while I’m up there I will try to do as much as possible to dissipate this cloud. This is for the good everyone.
I knew I would leave things at home, so as the days go by and I discover more missing stuff I will place it here on the too bad I didn’t write a packing list before this trip list.

The too bad I forgot this shite list

1) A good to excellent book: Even a bad book would have sufficed. I mean… I would almost have given in and have read some Dan Brown and I think most people know how much I detest Dan Brown’s writing style. Solution: Just bought David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day. I want to steal his writing style, so this is a good thing, but $14.99
2) A notebook: Umm… Where the hell was my mind at? Me without a notebook, is like a child without a diaper, a creamy mess waiting to happen. Okay… not quite, but I need to be able to write stuff down at all times. I have peace of mind now that I went I went el cheapo and bought a notebook for $2.99
3) My extra camera battery: FAIL. I will not be reacquiring one of these. I have just failed and that’s the end of that.
4) Sudoku: The most relaxing game of number jumble I have ever played. Acquired a book of 300 “hand-crafted” puzzles to soothe my soul especially if there is the possibility that I’ll be stranded in Minnesota for any length of time.

That’s all for now, though I’m sure there’s more. What I’m grateful for is this Rick Steve’s backpack. It is so versatile and easy to manage. I get to be a real backpacker! Something I never thought I would say. As of right now, I still don’t feel like I’m on a trip, but perhaps it’s because I’m in a cold/fever stupor. I look forward to the feeling of missing home at some point.


2 thoughts on “Day #1: Will I get there? Nicole vs. The Ash Cloud

  1. Sorry to hear you are sick! Not a fun way to start the trip. I'll pray for health. And hooray for Rick Steves! That man is a genius I say :)Miss you already! Lemmie know if you get stranded in MSP…I know some peeps there 🙂

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