What this Blog is about

Durtee Lawndree: [dur-tee lawn-dree]
1. A place to air grievances, outdated catch phrases, clichés, and Freudian slips.
1. A dusty old story that needs to be aired out and given a second chance at life.
3. A place to soil yourself with words.

Origin: 2008 My backyard 

I originally created this blog back in 2008 so that I had a place to write snippets from my memoir. We can all see how well that’s gone because it’s still in progress. Don’t worry, it’s still happening and it even has a title More Peoples than you can handle. That’s slated for release sometime in 2032.

Until then, I am turning this into a place for venting, writing about what interests all of us from time to time – dramatically boring gossip, and just a general place for me to let the world know what I’m excited and pissed about – these things can in fact simultaneously exist.
On that note, let me know what you’ve got a lot of strong feelings on and I’ll write about it in the blog!

Email me at durteelawndree@gmail.com

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