Thoughtful Thursday: My response to your response to my reponse

My response to your response to my response
is that we can’t keep having this conversation
dragging like heavy stones
over tall mountains
it’s senseless
it’s hurtful
it’s for the best
My response told you that
your response couldn’t mean anything to me
it’s the same old door that we keep
opening and slamming shut
and folding over in endless loads
of durtee lawndree
Your response made me think about crying
but instead I said, “I’ll think about it.”
and turned away
we used to say the right words once
to answer all the wrong questions
now we say the wrong ones
to answer the things we should
have asked before
So my response to yours is that
I can’t listen any longer
to what you have to say
Your response
might be to push me down
pull me closer
solve our grievances with
not words,
but dear
My response is there’s no more love
only fears left between us
these days
and the only thing left
is to let our silence speak our words.

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