Tame Tuesday: Why I didn’t go out last night and liked it

Seattle is a place where there are always things to do. There are literally at least five shows that I could hit up on any given night, a few friends that I’d love to see, a bar I’d like to try a new drink at, a new restaurant opening on the hill that wants for a yelp review – well not by me because I hate writing those damn things, but at least a restaurant I can tell I should eat at yet last night I decided not to do any of those things and stay home.


Reason #1: Exhaustion 
When I was younger, I thought this was a lame excuse for staying in.  
“Sleep is for the dead!”  “YOLO!” “Life is something that happens when you’re not asleep.” 
What do I say to those sayings now?    Nonsense! Tomfoolery!

I think we know by this point that sleep is actually essential to living, to being productive, to being healthy, to not wanting to punch out your coworkers the next day, and to not getting tired hunger (the omg I’m so tired that I need to shove a gallon of sugar via as many donuts as possible into my body so I stay awake, paired with a little sugar infused coffee).

I love resting and sleep. I love the way it feels to get in bed and curl up with my laptop and watch a good episode of Scandal or Lost Girl, a semi decent book, or using my phone to play sudoku or solitaire as I prepare for slumber. Then I enjoy those last moments right before sleep while I complete Pranayama breathing exercises for extra relaxation. I drift off into the other world my mind creates. While I’m there I sometimes get to fly, eat glutenous dairy covered pizza’s, and I do the splits. It’s a great place that I hopefully get to inhabit for 7-8 hours every night.

That place is amazing and I know that while I’m there I’m also helping my body detoxify and rejuvenate after the hard day I likely just put it through. It helps keep me from getting multiple colds per year like all of my friends suffer from as they push their bodies to maximum limits.
This could just be my almost 33 year-old self finally understanding the importance of something so important, but I personally think that it’s okay to stay in now and say yes to numerous hours of beautiful sleep.

Reason #2: Accomplishing tasks I’ve been procrastinating on
How many things do you put off because you’d rather go get happy hour or dinner with friends? There’s a bar or club that you just have to go to because they’re having a 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s dance night?

I’ve been known to forego tasks or projects without a hard deadline by believing once again that yolo is in effect and that I need to have more friend time, because being social is shown to be good for your health too. What I realized last night is that a project I’m working on that I had a soft deadline of March 1st, was never realized because I’ve been busy, busying myself everywhere else.

Last night I decided to dedicate a few hours to finishing up said project – my first podcast ever.
Part of my hesitation when it came to finishing up this project was partly due to there being so much other stuff I could be doing and part came from realizing that I would have to be learning a whole new skill set. Once I immersed myself in the project, I realized the skill set is not actually hard to learn and I very much enjoyed sitting, re-listening, and piecing together the interview I did almost a month ago.

Reason #3: Self Time (Relaxation Time)
This is self explanatory. In a day and age where we feel like going, going, going is the definition of  productivity, even though there are enough studies that tell us this is UNTRUE, it is important to have some self care time.
Some people equate self care time with spa, bath, relaxation time. For people like my roommate and many friends it means sitting down and spending time with a guitar or instrument of choice and playing or writing music.
It could mean journaling, it could mean cooking a meal, or anything that is ultimately very relaxing for you and gives you a chance to feel re-energized.

I should say here that I know a few people who are very re-energized when hanging out with groups of people (those darn extroverts), so if you know that being around people is your thing, spend time with them. I would try to find arena’s that are not alcohol centered like playing sports or seeing a sporting event, dinner parties, dancing. The reason I say not “alcohol centered,” is that generally, even when it’s relaxing you and you’re having a good time, it’s not relaxing for your body to drink alcohol and that is key here.

Your body has a hard time resting, recovering, and repairing while it is detoxifying alcohol in your system. It’s of utmost importance to clear this toxic substance from the body as quickly as possible before doing anything else like caring about your immune system, your digestion, or your motor skills. It takes the liver approximately 1 hour to metabolize 1oz of alcohol. That’s not bad you say? Well that would be true if all of us were just having about an ounce of alcohol when we’re drinking. The standard drink has between 1-2 ounces of alcohol depending on what you’re getting. If you’re drinking more than one or two then you’re setting your body up for a lot of extra work.
When you have that hangover feeling in the morning it’s usually because your body is either super dehydrated or it’s having a hard time clearing the alcohol from your system. Either way, tiring out the body consistently is not a good thing in the longterm. To read exactly why hangovers happen, check here.

Reason #4: Catching up on Chores
Most people hate chores, though… I did once have a roommate that really enjoyed washing dishes. For those of us who would rather watch grass grow than scrub the toilet, sometimes we just need to set aside some home time for it.
If you live alone – do it for yourself. Having a clean space tends to make people feel more positive and productive in the long run.
If you live with roommates – respect your roommates and get stuff cleaned. If you don’t have a cleaning schedule, now might be the time to implement one.
If you have a family – You’re likely not reading my very singles oriented blog, but I’m sure you’re cleaning all of the time, maybe don’t use your very precious free time for chores. 

Reason #5:  Catching up on your favorite TV shows or your favorite stupid pet tricks
It’s okay to sometimes watch your favorite shows. I lived with a lot of TV guilt for a long time living in Seattle. I had so much guilt that I eventually just got rid of owning a TV altogether, which has actually been a great thing. I don’t have a TV on in the background anymore to distract me, I can’t just sit on the couch and become a cushion like I used to. Now I have to be much more intentional about my viewing choices because I watch online. My favorite thing is that there are a lot less commercials inundating me about fast food, something I hate!
Pick a show or two that you’re okay to committing with (if you want to). Don’t apologize to me or anyone else for actually liking television, it’s not one of America’s favorite pass times for nothing. Take one or two hours a week to enjoy these shows. Talk to your coworkers about them around the… are there water coolers anymore? Let’s say copy machine, I’m sure you are there more.

Bonus Reason: Save Money
Luckily in Seattle there are tons of free things to do, but sometimes it’s hard to get groups of friends to do those free things when costly things like dinner and drinks sound so much better. Pocket some of that money by chillin’ at home an extra night or two a week. It’s okay, watch that money add up to extra cash for that vacation you can actually take because you stayed in.  

It’s okay not to go out. I enjoy it on the regular and even if no one is “seeing” me living, I know that I am.  If you need someone to know you’re doing something fabulous in the privacy of your home, that’s what social networking is for, go ahead and tell the world! Or at least tell all 564 of your friends!

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