Letter to Ms. Goldberg – by NTN member Rachael F.

tumblr_mkc125tALi1qln9t3o1_500 tumblr_mkc125tALi1qln9t3o2_500

Dear Ms. Goldberg,

Let us start by saying thank you for being a woman who couldn’t give a damn about how anyone else views her thoughts/actions/life/wardrobe/aesthetic.  Thank you for providing the fuel for burning down what a woman should be.  We ladies of NighTraiN would like to continue that fire in setting social constructs ablaze! Ablaze! Ablaaaaaaze!

In addition to announcing our southern tour in June we’d like you to keep a look out for our new music video “Huntress” coming out this April.  It’s guaranteed to give you a brain boner.  9 out of 10 witch doctors agree!

We’ll make sure to keep in touch and send you a postcard when we see someone in a Jumpin’ Jack Flash tee shirt.

Your Brand New Bestess Palz,




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