My bucket list (2013)

As many of you out here know, I run another blog called Fine on Pine. It’s a photoblog documenting Seattle’s Finest. This last week my question of the week was What is your bucket list item #5? 

Bucket List

A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.

People either loved this question or hated this question. Why? Well because no matter what, I was asking them to think about something they had not yet accomplished and for some people that brought excitement at the prospect of someday fulfilling this aspiration and for some it brought anxiety.

“Oh man, why haven’t I done this yet?” “When am I going to do this?” “How do I even figure out what would be #5?”

I realized how hard a question this was pretty late in the game, but also realized that I myself haven’t even written a bucket list. Didn’t bucket lists get popular again after Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson starred in the movie titled as such? How many people have written or accomplished bucket lists since then?

Well I figured that maybe it was time to write a bucket list of my own, so here it goes.

My top #25 Bucket List

1. Finish my memoir

2. Write an opera

3. Paint a mural

4. Learn another language

5. Travel abroad for one year

6. Live in another country for one year

7. Skydive

8. Complete a triathalon

9. Wear a two piece bathing suit – this does mean I’ve got to finish losing this last 30 lbs.

10. Sing with Adele

11. Get married and have duex children.

12. Let all of my friends know I love and appreciate them

13. Talk to one new person everyday

14. Love myself no matter what I think the mirror says to me.

15. Produce a story on This American Life

16. Tell a story on the Moth

17. Meet Toni Morrison

18. Become a semi-professional photographer

19. Help low income people understand good nutrition!

20. Wake up happy to be alive everyday that I actually wake up.

21. Ski and Snowboard

22. Visit Africa

23. Visit every state in the US and bring home a souvenir.

24. Rock climb

25. Hold an Event in the Sky

Well there’s the bucket list as it stands. I’m sure things might change as life moves along, but I’m pretty happy with this for now.

I asked my friend what kind of people usually writes these lists and she told me it’s generally terminally ill or elderly people. Should we be writing these much earlier seeing as it’s much easier to get some of our bucket list items done when we’re still young and healthy? I think I’m gonna get started on this list, probably starting with slightly lower on the list, more achievable ones. What’s your bucket list look like? Have you written one yet? Tell me your top 5!

Also feel free to write me at and I can post some of your stuff if you’d like!

5 thoughts on “My bucket list (2013)

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