Dear Anne (Summer 1994 part deux)

Monday August 1, 1994

Dear Anne,

Today in class I was sitting a table with Alicia, Mike, Marlene, and Vahek. During class Vahek had a pencil and was doing sexual movements with it, showing it to Marlene and then Mike said, “stop it, you’re turning me on.” Gross.

Later when school was over Vahek said, “have you ever noticed that Indian people are tall & skinny with small heads that look like they are just floating along?” It was weird, but I nodded and agreed with him.

Also, Anne, do you think it’s sensible if you are anti-abortion or against killing other human beings to kill someone else? At an abortion clinic an anti-abortionist killed two of the workers. That is stupid.

Now, about school again. You know how I have been telling you all about the people that Alicia likes? Well, I like them too. Nick is really nice, that’s why I had a dream about him, I’ll tell you about it later. Mike is really funny and nice.

I don’t like Vahek, but I like him as a friend because he’s nice. He is not so conceded as Alicia thinks. It’s good to like yourself and not just think of yourself as stupid and ugly. I admit he thinks a lot of himself, but I don’t mind.

Last thing, I still love Shawn even though I haven’t written of him in awhile. He is great! I don’t know why, I just know that he is right for me. He just doesn’t know it yet though.

Gotta go.




  1. Sex…
  2. Racism?
  3. Abortion…

Tuesday August 2, 1994

Dear Anne,

Mike, oh my gosh he is sooo cute. It’s not that he is really cute it’s just he’s funny and nice and cute. I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s like you just want to bend over and give him a big kiss.

Alicia likes him. She again says she doesn’t. How can she not make up her mind. Tomorrow we are going to Quantum, I don’t know what to wear! Tonight I’m curling my hair. I look really funny.

Vahek really wants to play Ouija board. He is so weird. He wanted to make one in class.

I didn’t go to Great America today, I should have, but I can’t get today back so I might as well make the best of it. I still feel very sorry for the people in Rwanda.




1. Are feelings really this fleeting? One guy is cute one day and the next another. It must have been the way one of them said hi to me on one day and then the way the other smiled the next. For the record, I don’t even remember what Nick or Mike looks like, they are names on a page.

2. Umm… Nicole are you lying to yourself? I clearly remember you having a crush on Vahek, perhaps he was just too cool for you to admit liking. He was the first Indian boy I ever knew and I think I was confused about what to think of that.

3. Ouija… that shit scared the fuck out of me. It still kind of does. Who was moving it? Was it you? Holy hell, so freaky.

4. I could not remember what the hell was going on in Rwanda in 1994, so I decided to look it up. Well… things have been going on in Rwanda for awhile, check out a timeline of events, it’s kind of sad and endless. I still feel very sorry for the people of Rwanda.

Wednesday August 17, 1994

The reason I haven’t written to you in awhile is because Sandra put you under my bed and it was hard to get you out.

Guess what? On Monday Vahek decided to play a trick on Alicia and ask her out just for fun to see what she would say. She said yes. Vahek was telling her that he had dreams bout her and him having sex. She kept clicking back and forth from one line to another telling me about her conversation. After we hung up, Vahek called me and started telling me that he had some kind of Secret Life.

He was saying he was a model and had modeled on all different catalogs. He also says he has a four story house. I do not believe on word he said. I think he has a majorly overactive imagination.

My stomach hurts right now, probably from the milk I drank. I need to cut back on the milk and try some water.

Oh and also, Alicia and Vahek broke up.  Gotta go.


  1. Did Alicia and Vahek break up on the same day? Whatever happened to that girl Marlene?
  2. How hard is it to get a book from under a bed? No seriously, were my arms not long enough? That’s a terrible excuse if ever I ehard one.
  3. Nicole… you should have stopped drinking milk altogether back then. If only you had known that you actually had a milk allergy. Who’d of thunk?
  4. I still think Vahek was lying.



Dear Anne,

I got my school schedule!

0 Geometry

1 English 1-2

2 Biology 1-2

3 Area/Law 1-2

4 Journalism

5 Women’s Choir / Voice Studio

6 PE – Dance

7 Musical Theater

It’s a long day! 0 period starts at 7:15. Tell you more later.




1. Who in their right mind takes that many classes? I’m tired looking at it.

Saturday October 15, 1994

Dear Anne,

For the past six weeks since school started I have had the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. I’m getting all A’s. I am so happy. I have been studying really hard for musical theater and on Monday I am going to try out for a solo. I am going to try not to be afraid even though I am right now.

I have been really really busy. Having 8 classes doesn’t give me much time during the day. I joined the Country Club because of this boy that is there named Max. His birthday is September 19, 1979. He is 15 years old and he’s a freshman. He is awesome and really cute.

The other day on Tuesday was “Coming Out Day,” so people that were gay came out. This guy named Eddie came up to us and told us he was gay. Sandra was so surprised I thought she was gonna explode. When she found some of the many people at our school were gay, she almost couldn’t breathe.

I can’t wait till next week. I am doing a story on age discrimination.

Talk to you later,

Nicole Peoples

I ❤ Max


  1. Gay people everywhere! I don’t remember this day at all, but I do remember feeling like everyone at our “Performing Arts” school was gay. Is performing arts synonymous with gay? Well… not technically, but at 15 it seemed like it.
  2. Damnit, I can’t find Max anywhere on facebook! I guess I’m going to have to go old school and break out my yearbooks to see what this dude looked like. I know he was Jewish. I had some weird obsession with Jewish people, their history and wanted to convert to Judaism.

Wednesday October 26, 1994

Dear Anne,

Today at school there were solo tryouts. It was the most awful thing I have ever experienced. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. I don’t think I got a solo. I want to drop musical theater.



1. Aww… Nicole I’m sorry. Technically this won’t be the worst thing you’ve ever experienced, though… I kind of wish it were.

Friday November 25, 1994

Dear Anne,

It is the day after Thanksgiving. I went Christmas shopping a little. I bought my mom a plate set, it’s black. “very cool.”

Sandra is trying to guess who I like in choir. I could write a lot of people at my school. Names of guys I like: Jacob, Jacob S, Max, Justin, Terry, Shawn, Keith, Pete, Carlos. She’ll never guess. Before school is over I will tell every person on this list that they are cute!

Gotta go.

Nicole Peoples


  1. Annnnnd….. more boys.
  2. No, I really didn’t tell all these boys that they were cute. I think maybe I’m glad I let that go.

2 thoughts on “Dear Anne (Summer 1994 part deux)

  1. Raging hormones, a river with rapids, tossing, throwing, tearing apart the last now, pushing and swirling into the next. It’s all healthy and good. It is good to grow.

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