Creating Coco

Right now I’m creating Coco.


Coco is a flirt

Coco is bold

Coco is dangerous

Coco is tempting

Coco has no boundaries.

Coco is desired.

Coco is on fire.

Coco inspires.

Coco loves everything.

Coco keeps secrets.

Coco never lies.

Coco only trusts those who can be trusted.

Coco fights.

Coco knows your deepest darkest things.

Coco is a dark thing. The dark thing that haunts you.


Who is Coco?  

She is my alter ego.

She is the identity that is associated with my new stage name Coco Cherie.

She won’t officially be unleashed until the end of August, but I can’t wait to meet her.

She is not necessarily everything I’m not, but she is certainly everything I want to be.

What will Coco wear? What will Coco sing? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

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