Tour Day 2!

Fuck you 7:30 alarm! I am fucking pissed that we have to wake up and it’s only been 2.5 hours since my eyes shut. The Best Western bed that otherwise wouldn’t have been comfortable was the only place that seemed right to stay in. I try to stay in as long as I can while the other ladies get ready.

My eyes are closed and I realize that Sel has taken a shower and is getting ready in the room.

“Should we talk?” I wonder. My best guess is no, we shouldn’t until it seems like it’s time.

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Tour Day 1!

Day 1:

6:14am. It’s 6:14 and I’m already awake on day one of tour. Restless, excited, and nervous for the day I wait for my boyfriends alarm to sound as I lay awake crafting the list of items that I’ll need to pack and buy before we leave four tour in five hours.

K is breathing softly and always adjusts his body to how mine moves, but I am moving too much and I don’t want him to awaken, but now it’s 6:18. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the lists now and I have no idea what time his alarm is going off today. I figure it’s somewhere between fifteen and thirty more minutes. I can lay here, but what do I think about now?

Oh shit… I just remembered I need that extra thing to add to the list. So I go through the list as many times as I can. Don’t forget the red nail polish, the inhaler, the power converter, the vibrator? No scratch that, it’s too loud and I’m not going to have any alone time, I’ll just have to figure some phone stuff out.

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