Tour Day 1!

Day 1:

6:14am. It’s 6:14 and I’m already awake on day one of tour. Restless, excited, and nervous for the day I wait for my boyfriends alarm to sound as I lay awake crafting the list of items that I’ll need to pack and buy before we leave four tour in five hours.

K is breathing softly and always adjusts his body to how mine moves, but I am moving too much and I don’t want him to awaken, but now it’s 6:18. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the lists now and I have no idea what time his alarm is going off today. I figure it’s somewhere between fifteen and thirty more minutes. I can lay here, but what do I think about now?

Oh shit… I just remembered I need that extra thing to add to the list. So I go through the list as many times as I can. Don’t forget the red nail polish, the inhaler, the power converter, the vibrator? No scratch that, it’s too loud and I’m not going to have any alone time, I’ll just have to figure some phone stuff out.

It’s 6:26am. Gawd… you would think with how quickly time passes almost any other time of day that it would pass just as fast now. I rustle around a little more to see if maybe it will slightly jostle K awake a little early. Getting up doesn’t seem like an option because it’s not my house and my only real choice is to get up and leave but I want to stay and say goodbye.

More items. Computer, probiotics, black boots? Those are a maybe still, let’s see if they fit. Maybe the smaller vibrator? Well, apparently only one things on my mind, but sixteen days, sixteen days… can I get by without one? I’ll just decide once I get home on this one.

6:36am. It can’t be long now before the alarm sounds, I’m sure it’ll only be minutes. I try to kiss K awake but it doesn’t work, he just holds me tighter and kisses me back.

Is there anything else I haven’t thought of yet?

Instead of listing more items I decide to just quiet my thoughts, listen to K’s breath, and feel my arm as it rises and falls for every inhale and exhale. There’s nothing else to think about now, things are settled in my mind and I’m ready to get up and spend the next sixteen days with some of my favorite women.

6:45am the alarm finally sounds and K reaches his long arm up from bed to hit snooze. I won’t let him sleep, I only have an hour left with him for awhile, so we kiss, talk, and wait for the alarm to sound again.

7:00am and we’re finally out of bed. Today is really happening; my band is going to leave for tour. He showers and stay in bed waiting for him to get ready. I wait for him to shower and come back to the room so I can watch him towel off and dress himself though he chortles a little at the feeling of being watched, he is shy, but I love his body because it is strong and manly and mine.

I dress and we leave. Today I take him to work on the way home, hold his hand and start the far too early process of missing him even though he’s still with me. I’ve always been good at missing people before they’re gone. When we’re at his work, I promise to send him only the silliest texts, I don’t want to say goodbye even though I’m excited to leave.

8am. There is not enough time at home. 2. hours to get the items on the list ready. I pile everything in the middle of the bed on the white and blue kitten blanket that’s also coming along:  makeup, pills, soaps, pics, chargers, underwear. I figure if I can get it all in one place then I can figure out how to get it into all my bags.

My breakfast of garlic sautéed chard and pinto beans sizzles on the stove as I figure out what podcasts to load onto my phone. Time is going fast now.

9:28am. I don’t know how I am going to have everything ready for my 10am leave time. Now I need time to slow down.

9:53. Everything is packed. I am as ready as I can possibly get. I drag my suitcase, camera,  my guitar Josephine, blanket, and bag of food to the door and do one last check. Taser Knuckles… I can’t forget those. I grab them and me and what’s going to sustain me for the next sixteen days comes with me.

10: 38am A Walgreens and Trader Joes stop later I arrive at Selena’s only to find Rachael waiting on the doorstep for Sel to arrive at her house, she had to go into work. Well… it’s inevitable that we would be make it out of town later than anticipated.

10:45am Sel arrives.

10:46am We jam our stuff in the door and wait for the others to arrive.

11:15am We are still waiting when our Manager Ann surprises us with road snacks. It’s comprised of clementines, cheesy puffs, red grapes, Kind bars, and Almonds. She is a god send.

11:30 the final member of our party arrives, it’s Elissa our videographer/friend/spiritual advisor. She is going to be going on one week of tour with us, documenting the process, and turning it into an art piece. She looks like she’s been hit by a truck, but a nice truck, a good truck .Tired and sexy. She went to bed at 4 and awakened at 7. She is a rock star.

12:00pm Loading the car finally begins.

We are taking the new SUV Sel got for tour. It is big, but is it big enough to fit all the shit we have into it? We’ll know in approximately fifteen minutes.

12:15pm Holy shit! Everything fits (barely) except for the extra sleeping bag so it stays behind.

12:45pm It’s finally time to leave. We are fucking excited. I am fucking tired. Let’s get to Portland!

2:24pm Are we there yet?

4:30 Arrive at the Best Western Clarion Hotel and settle in for awhile before playing our first show. Rachael puts on Bullhead. Rachael rewinds the first two minutes of Bullhead five times just to see the main actors hot body. I know what kind of tour this is gonna be…

6:50 the process of readying ourselves begins. What the fuck am I gonna do with my hair? Fuck I hate getting ready. Okay… I’ve decided I’m actually going to “try” all tour to stop complaining about having to dress up and put makeup on and just dooo it. Up do tonight with Pink lipstick.  My hair is skirting my face on the left and my eyes are done up like a cats. I look fucking hottt. Happy with the results, I’m confident for the first night of the show. I always forget how fucking powerful it feels when I feel sexy, like I can take anyone and take the world.

8:26pm We arrive at The Kenton Club in Portland and load in. “Dayummmm, you all look hot,” I hear from someone on the back porch of the club and I know the nights gonna be good.

T Rex and I grab some drinks. She’s whiskey, I’m gin and tonic tonight. We talk about lovers, the intimate details. She brought a book along, the unofficially official book of tour called, “female ejaculation & The G-Spot.” Apparently the 30’s are where it’s at in the ladies love zone while my whole life I thought that was a lie.

The music starts and the music is gooooood. Every cd needs to be bought, but the sultry voice of  “The McCarthy Era” lead singer is chilling and what is apparent is that she could probably bring an entire arena to its knees if she wanted to: the audience here is mesmerized.

“You have a cd? Tell me you have a cd?” I ask after the show.

“Sorry, this is our first show,” she is sweet and smiling.

“I kind of hate you right now. You better get one recorded soon.”

The Fur Coats come on after and they remind me of Pickwick. Great sound, reverb on the voices like mad. Sweet like agave. They give us a free freshly pressed t-shirt, a tape, and a button after the show to remember them by.

12:00am  It’s finally our turn. Nervous because we have to follow some seriously professional sounding bands, but I know we are gonna surprise them.

12:45am We are done and the people are swooning. For awhile I’m unsure whether the dudes have girlfriends and the girls have girlfriends the way they are trying to touch us and make us feel like we’re the “ones,” but their significants all find their way over to them and grab their asses or find a way to make us know they are owned.

1:00am The last band, “Muscle Beach and Boys,” led by the Birthday boy Johnathan Boober goes on. There’s no way to be prepared for this indie electro rock band, who’s front man has decided he is gonna undress down to his boxers and writhe on the floor. The energy is epic, the lyrics are epic, the band is mother fucking epic. I need their cd too.

3:00am We have loaded out, it’s time to get to the hotel so we can get on the road by 9am to hit Arcata, CA at a reasonable hour.  Sel finds out the bumper of her new car has been hit by a member of the Fur Coats, but they are sweet and exchange info, but it still sucks.

3:15am Tired and edgy we head to the hotel. Tired and edgy a conversation goes from a 2 to 11 in thirty seconds. This is the kind of fight that won’t be resolved at the time and the night is gonna be needed to clear heads. My body starts shaking from the adrenaline.

4am we are still awake, Sel is sleeping in the car tonight so we can have distance from the kerfuffle.

5am Rach gave me some Sleepy Time tea and my body has finally stopped shaking. Time to sleep, we’ve gotta wake up by 7:30 to hit the road by 9. Fuck. 2.5 hours of sleep. Fuck. Well I certainly fucked that one up. Tomorrow is gonna be a long ass day.

Dead Animal Tally:

One dead coyote


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